Benefits of CDN

Response time will be improved

Improving response time means two things.

First, the user experience was optimized. The faster the website is opened, the higher the conversion rate of Web services will be after the delay problem is solved. Just a few seconds of optimization brings more feedback than this.

Second, the improvement in loading speed will help the brand to establish an SEO ranking. Google will improve its website ranking according to statistical data, which will lead to more customers.

Your server load will be reduced

When the traffic of your website comes up, because the server needs to carry a large number of requests, you usually need a good infrastructure or service provider to manage the website. The CDN deployment environment will build a huge network. Each pop layout can reduce the load of the server, optimize the content of the source station, and reduce the delivery cost.


We guarantee security and stability from all aspects. We provide free SSL applications to ensure the most basic secure transmission. In addition, we also provide you with HTTP / 2, the latest HTTP protocol, which improves the efficiency of resource access. WAF deployment can also intelligently filter suspicious traffic for you to prevent it from accessing and attacking your web server.

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