Billing rules

All of our billing is based on global unified pricing, and only supports prepayment.

Monthly Plan

You can purchase the monthly plan of the corresponding gear according to the business needs. The benefits of each gear are the same. The difference is only the difference in available traffic. Your preset monthly plan includes traffic plan (global single rate), all functions (Smartwaf, SSL, etc.) and all-weather technical support. HTTP requests are free of charge.

In the future, all our HTTP acceleration functions will be added for free. Please look forward to it.

Extra Traffic

We will remind you in advance that you can purchase additional traffic to ensure that resources will not be suspended during the service cycle of the month.

We will provide unlimited additional traffic purchases. It should be noted that the additional traffic can only be used during the monthly planned service time at the time of purchase, and cannot be extended to the next period.

Of course, the unit price is higher than the monthly plan, so we suggest that if you always exceed the traffic in multiple months, you should upgrade the monthly plan or find customer service to customize special specifications for you.

How to upgrade the monthly plan

All preset plans are based on monthly prepayments. This means you can upgrade your monthly plan from next month. If you have purchased a three-month 6tb monthly plan, you can upgrade the monthly plan from the second month to the 25tb specification in the first month, and only need to make up for the price difference of two months.

No commitment. We hope our customers stay because of our service quality, not our contractual obligations.

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