CDN configuration

Configuration process

Our CDN configuration is very simple, with just two steps.

  1. Fill in the domain name and origin address you need to accelerate.

    Note here:

    (1) Accelerated domain name: Accelerated domain name is the address accessed by users, usually the secondary domain name. We do not recommend you fill in the top-level domain name here, because most domain name providers do not allow the CNAME switching of the top-level domain name (that is, the DNS configuration of the CDN).

    (2) Origin: We support URLs or IP addresses. By default, our server will request files through the HTTP protocol and port (for HTTP, we will request files through ports 80 and 8080, and for HTTPS, we will request files through port 443).

    Note here that our source supports or, does not support example .com/folder.If you want CDN to cache the content only in, move the content from to the subdomain which should be used as an origin.

  2. Give us 5s and we will generate a CNAME. You can find it in the Activate Configuration.

  3. In this step, you need to configure DNS on the website of your domain name service provider, and point your accelerated domain name to the CNAME address produced by us. Please refer to the CNAME DNS configuration menu.

    In this way, you have completed the basic configuration of the CDN. Later, you can find the resource in the CDN list for operations such as cache time, CORS, and pre-storage clearing.

CNAME DNS configuration

CNAME is technically a different URL alias. We will create an accelerated domain name for you, which is the subdomain name "show. r.cdn36. com" under the LightCDN domain name. To enable you to directly use your own website "example. your domain. com", please complete the configuration according to the following steps:

  1. In the activation list, we show the CNAME we generated.

  2. Log in to your DNS (the service provider platform of the domain name) and configure a DNS record in the panel. Normally, the parameters will be filled as follows:

    Host Record -> accelerate prefix of domain name address

    Type -> CNAME

    Records -> CNAME address generated by us

    Example: show CNAME

    If you are not familiar with DNS, please contact the domain provider to assist you in DNS configuration. Note that DNS changes may take 24 hours to take effect.

How to check whether your CNAME is completed?

Simple, you can use the website Verify:

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